For Providers/Hospitals

The Lactation Whisperer would like to partner with you!

Juana Rodriguez, the Lactation Whisperer, is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant who conducts virtual and in-person visits to help guide women through their nursing journey. She often partners with local and long-distance care teams to better serve their patients, empowering women to breastfeed more confidently and successfully.

A local high-quality solution meeting local community health needs

From prenatal education and preparation to breastfeeding support, the Lactation Whisperer is with you and your patients every step of the way.

The Lactation Whisperer is a reliable, trusted local resource source to improve breastfeeding success, increase quality of care, improve maternal-child health outcomes, and decrease costs associated with suboptimal breastfeeding and its long-term effects, as well as divert readmissions and phone calls for feeding-related concerns.

How Do We Work Together?

The lactation Whisperer is building lasting relationships with partners and can work with health teams in a variety of ways, such as working with obstetric, perinatal, and pediatric teams to engage women early for comprehensive prenatal, intrapartum, and proactive postpartum support. Hospitals can offer our services to mothers who choose their facility for delivery

If you would like to discuss ways to work together or if you would like to order any leave behind materials for your office, please contact us by calling 239.851.0909.