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Sore Nipple Care

Tender, sore nipples can make breastfeeding painful and frustrating. There is good news though; the nipples will toughen up quickly and render breastfeeding virtually painless. Improperly positioned babies or babies that suck really hard can also make the breasts extremely sore.

Here are some ways to ease your discomfort:

  • Make sure your baby is in the correct position; a baby that is not positioned correctly is the number one cause of sore nipples.
  • Once you have finished feeding, expose your breasts to the air and try to protect them from clothing and other irritations.
  • After nursing apply some ultra-purified, medical grade lanolin, unless you’re allergic to it. Make sure to avoid petroleum jellying other products with synthetic oils.
  • Make sure to wash your breast with water, not soap, as soap may dry the nipples.
  • Make sure you vary your nursing position once you have breastfeeding established. This will ensure different areas of the nipple is being compressed each time.

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